EVOO ACANTO S.L. was founded in 2011 by Rafael Santiago Lorente, well-acclaimed olive oil maker with more than 50 years of experience in the sector, and by his son, Rafael Santiago Ramirez, prestigious nuclear doctor in the pursue ofa genuine and natural extra virgin olive oil and  its health benefitsawareness.

The farm from which the picual olives come from is located in Villa del Rio, a small village located in the border between Córdoba and Jaén.The 18,000 olive trees are favored by the optimal climatic conditions in this area of Andalusia, due to the high temperatures maintained along all the year and the biological richness of the soil, which make this type of production very favorable.

 ACANTO philosophy is to market a unique olive oil, resulting from very specific techniques of  cultivation, olive harvest, milling, extraction, centrifugation, decantation, storage and packaging procedures. The wide experience of the company helped to improve  and optimize each stage of the production process achieving the best results in the final product