Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil characterized by its positive attributes and balance. In the nose is a medium fruit intense, withgreen and fresh aromas such as leaf, fresh grass and banana. In the mouth the balancing fruitful attributes stand out , as well as some bitterness and spiciness notes , none imposing over the others. It shows high complexity and high persistence in the mouth after tasting.


 Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil resulted from early harvest and hand picked olives. In the nose is a medium-high fruit intensity,strong green and fresh aromas such as leaf, artichoke, fresh grass and tomato, as well as banana, kiwi and green apple, characteristic of an oil obtained from early harvest olives. In the mouth, green aromas making contrast with the bitter and pungent attributes nicely manifested, with a little more pronounced spicy tones and light astringent end notes mixed with feelings of green fruit. A very balanced oil with strong notes of freshness and cleanness.



AcantoCaviar is a revolutionary way of presentation of our extra virgin olive oil , with the possibility of applying it in the kitchen as we would do with cooking oil , allowing users to enjoy a delicate portion of extra virgin olive oil in perfect harmony with the other ingredients of the dish .Ideal as decoratesalads , sauces , cheeses, appetizers, main dishes, salads , desserts.